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Octanorm the structure of Maxima

Octanorm the structure of Maxima, which as its name indicates:

  • Maximum creative freedom for the constructors of exhibitions.

  • Maximum quality.

  • Maximum longevity

  • Maximum stability, allowing maximum weight suspension.

For all these benefits and for having more than a hundred accessories it has become the preferred and most diverse system of exhibitions in the world.

It adapts to the different sizes and formats of projects, this structure has been developed so that professionals of the sector can freely deploy their creative freedom.

Its added value consists of:

1. High stability.

MAXIMA profiles are solid and durable, and provide the necessary strength for heavy objects and strong structures.

2. Ideal for large projects

Ideal to use in large projects because it gives you the posibility to build openings of up to 7 meters.

3. Easy assembly.

Intelligent voltage blocking technology allows extremely fast assembly of all components. Different shapes and different sizes.

4. Quality materials

The structure is composed of high quality materials made of anodized. Aluminum is dimensional stable, durable and aesthetic. And we work with a wide range of RAL spectrum colors, they satisfy not only spatial requirements, but also aesthetic

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