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The new reality for stores. Anti-covid reforms

With the new reality, the retail industry has had to renew itself. The reason why both shopping centers and stores have had to develop a reform project was to guarantee the safety of both their customers and their


Discover how these places have evolved:

1) Safety distance

One of the most important adjustments has been the redistribution of the spaces. Many stores have chosen larger and more open spaces to guarantee basic security. Also, some of them have reinforced the delivery concept.

2) Screens and traffic lanes

The implementation of screens inboxes and counters to protect employees have been very frequent.

The premises have also incorporated traffic lanes, at the entrance and exit of their facilities and at their key points: changing rooms, lines to pay, etc.

3) Technology and automation

Many stores have implemented the automation of basic functions such as opening and closing doors through electronic devices and smartphones. The reason? Avoid contact with common surfaces as much as possible.

4) Ventilation

The conditioning of spaces is one of the keys to preventing COVID. That is why commercial premises have chosen to implement both natural and artificial measures to increase contact with the outside and achieve air purification.

5) Materials

Steel and wood are some of the materials that guarantee ease of cleaning and disinfection, which is why many stores have chosen a redesign in which both are protagonists.

Although steel is a favorite because it is resistant to many products, wood brings warmth and a touch of nature to the establishment.

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