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Production of sets with chroma, a great opportunity to boost your business

The chroma, commonly known as greenscreen or, previously as bluescreen (blue screen), is an audiovisual technique used in film, photography and television, which is characterized by allowing, with little material on a set, they can design a world of possibilities.

Currently, the business sector has seen the potential of this method and has also implemented it in advertising videos, E-Learnings and webinars. Very popular to spread the expertise of companies and connect with their audience during this stage of COVID.

But how does the greenscreen work?

The process is simple, and therefore it can be very inexpensive!

People and furniture are recorded on a well-lit chroma background, green or blue (because they are the colors that do not appear on human skin) And then during the editing process, in post-production, they are removes the colored background making it transparent and is replaced by a digitally designed one.

What is needed to carry out diversity of scenarios?

A chroma background of a uniform green or blue color without folds or ridges

· A support

· Points of light strategically placed to avoid shadows and gradients

Simple, right? Contact us and implement this technique to incorporate it into your projects.

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