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Environmental impact caused by the production of events

Organazing an event always causes, impacts in the environment. Today we are going to name some of the most frequent consequences in order to make a change.

1) Abuse of Natural Recourses In order to build a stand or decorate a space you have to use several natural recourses. We are not only talking about materials such as plastic, wood or steel, we are also talking about energy and water. An inform made by the United Nations said that the use of natural recourses has accelerated in the past few years.

2) Residuous generation Expos are temporary events, that's why sustainability seems to be one of the last problems of their list. The elements build in this kind of events are temporary as well, because they are useful only for a couple of days.

This brings as a consequence the generation of big amounts of waste. Any person who has attended to an expo may have seen the big amount of papers and rubbish thrown at the halls.

3) Gas emissions Rubbish it's not the only problem there is also one that it's also very big and is related to transport and logistics. The organization of an expo implies the a lot of people attending to one place. In other words, it means airplanes, trains and cars and their gas emissions that cause the Invernadero Effect.

This doesn't seem a great publicity for expos and events, but not everything is lost there is a couple of people compromised with the environment that are looking to change this situation. Di&P is one of them. Will you join us?

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