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How to build a sustainable stand?

The life of a stand is very short: you build it for an expo and then it gets destroyed. So, why not choose building an environmental friendly stand?

Sustainability is based on recycling, reusing and reducing. Knowing this we can start analyzing which materials we are going to be able to use to make a sustainable stand. Let's see it.

1- Wood

You can choose using chips wood, the residual material from wood because it's able to build strong and lasting structures. Another option is using pallets, they are very trendy lately in the design industry and also the can be excellent furniture: chairs, tables, etc. ¡There is a world of opportunities with a little imagination!


2- Paperboard

This material is less lasting than the one before, but some of the advantages are: that there are lots of types of paperboards and different ways of working with it. It is also light and it's 100% recyclable. You will be able to make incredible proposals using a good design and mixing it with other materials.

3- Printed Fabric

Graphics are the most important elements of a stand. So, why don't choose to cover all the walls with printed fabrics? They are not only very economical but also very visual.


4-Reusable Decor

You might have an old stand that you might have used for another expo or maybe you just want to bring old objects back to life to use in the new structure. For example:

-Bottles: They can be a stylish element

-Restoring old furniture: Doing this is very trendy right now, so why don't take advantage of this.

¿What do you think about building an eco-friendly stand?

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