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5 Tips to make your exhibition Stand attractive

Expos are the perfect place to promote your company but.... Do you know how can you make a successful stand to gain your target's attention? Here we leave you 5 tips.


1- Choose the perfect Expo to participate:

Before thinking about your stand design you have to make sure that you are picking the perfect expo or event to promote your Company.

It's very important to choose an event attractive for your target.

Di&P developed this stand for BBVA.

2- Set a goal:

In every marketing strategy setting a goal or objective is very important.

It's not the same to build a stand that is focused:

-In presenting a new Company. (Which will probably have a more institutional look)

-Or one that its aim to launch a new product or sell them (Which is going to be more commercial)

That's why it's very important that before building your stand you ask yourself What do you want to communicate with it?

Client: Dr. Organic for Ifarma Expo- Madrid

3- Location:

Location it's a fundamental part to take into account when you are thinking about building a stand.

It's very important that you know where is the Expo entrance or the main corridor, because those are the two places where you are going to find more traffic of people. Some other key places are the toilets, food court, etc.

4- Space Managment:

It's no news that at every expo space it's a luxury that's why it's very important that you know how you are going to get the most out of it.

The distribution of your stand depends mainly on the objective you set for it, but some of the most used stands have: An exhibition place where you are going to show your products, an interactive place and a storage.

Client: Coca-Cola Company

5- Decoration:

Become memorable, creating a unique space through decoration. It's important to design a creative and attractive stand but also to preserve your company corporate image.

For the decoration, it's always fundamental to use:

-Illumination. Use the light as an instrument to highlight your products.

-Large Scale Graphics: They are your ultimate allies and you can use them in different shapes and sizes.

Di&P events expos stand booth interior retail design proyect


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