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A very tasty corner: Millán Vicente

Last week Di&P finished designing and building Millán Vicente's corner: an exhibitor that will make your mouth water!

Design-Corner-Stand-El Corte Inglés-Di&P-Madrid

The well known Spanish Company, Millán Vicente, asked Di&P to design and build a new cheese space for El Corte Inglés at Sanchinarro Shopping Center.

For this new project they wanted to get a new fresh look, but also very clean. Because they wanted their delicious cheeses to be the center of attention, the main attraction.

We achieved this by using transparent chambers. Also, we make the exquisite Havarte, Gouda and Chedar, stand out by using different lights.

And last but not least the final touch was using cheese shape files to decorate the corner walls.

Design-Stand-Millán Vicente-El Corte Inglés-Di&P-Madrid

¿Hungry? Come and taste Millán Vicente Cheese at El Corte Inglés.

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