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A powerful material for stand design: Wood

Today we are going to talk about one of the most versatile materials used in decor and stand production: Wood.


The material selection is one of the most important decisions that you have to make when you start a project. Because using the proper element will help you improve your brand image.

Inside the construction world wood is one of the favourites materials to be use not only because of it's physical cualities such us bein easy to work with, but also for it's estetics caracteristics.

This element can be used in different ways, because there are lots of types of wood (of different colors, trees, etc) and because it can be work using different techniques (painted, lacquered, curled, etc.)

Let's see some of them:

Painted Boards

Using wooden boards it's a good way to fill large extension superfices. Also, you can get lots of different style with them because they can be painted, be satin or carved with moldings, etc.

Wooden layers

These layers are located outside different types of structures that can be made of wood or not. Look the result of the Stand we assembled for The Coca-Cola Company.



This is one of woods residual but with a little bit of creativity, it could be the ideal element for decor.

Let's check the stand Di&P made for "La Comunidad de Madrid"

Use this incredible material and make your stand out at the expo.

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