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Coca-Cola Group Royal Bliss Stand

Di&P and Noise Studio have designed and developed this last February The Royal Bliss Stand for Coca-Cola Group.

This one was presented at Madrid's Hip Expo and was divided into three sets. Each space had a special design that represented the different "personalities" of each one of Coca-Cola Group brands.


Coca Cola Mix

We have given a modern and urban look to Coca-Cola Mix set using wooden details and images provided by Coca-Cola itself.

Are you ready for a glass of whisky, Coke, and a twist of orange? We know we are... Chin-Chin!



We have risen the temperature in February and brought the beach to Madrid with Appletiser's set. Naturally Irrisistable!


Royal Bliss

The Royal Bliss set was the icing on the cake or our stand, that's why it was the biggest one.

We achieved to show all the glamour of this premium drink using modular frames covered in gold leatherette, a raised melanin platform and given the final touch with an indirect illumination.

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