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Pantone, the color of 2019

The Pantone dethrones the Ultraviolet and will reign in 2019. A concept: Living Coral. A tone that hides a message of awareness on the seabed and something else.

What does it transmit?

Pantone 16-1546 is warmth and offers comfort and optimism. Intense and soft at the same time, it can be used in fashion, decoration or scenarios.

Environmental message

By choosing coral, the conservation of the seabed is again in the spotlight. We do not want it to be in bad condition or it is exhausted and with the energy that transmits this color we remember this delicate subject.


A vital color.

An animated color with golden touches that transmit dynamism and vigor. It also has a very pleasant summer color. It combines great. It can be applied to a diversity of elements and situations and it combines very well with a multitude of colors such as gray, blue; as well as natural and neutral tones. Pure optimism. It is a sociable color full of life that reinforces the connection and joy in this current context of social networks and influencers.


For many years this color has influenced products and purchasing decisions in many sectors such as interior decoration, fashion, industrial design or graphic design. It will mark trends this year.

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