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Ceiling Decoration

The decoration with fabrics can be applied to different spaces, today we will talk about the different techniques that exist to decorate the ceilings using this resource.

1- Draped

A very simple way to dress a space, especially an event room or a tent. Smoothes roof structures like trusses or beams on roofs and wraps in a halo of soft traditional interior ceilings. Its spontaneous fall allows you to add a light illumination that is sifted through the fabric creating plays of light and shadow.

2- Globe Effect

This more contemporary style creates soft and cloudy environments with a futuristic air, valid for both home and commercial spaces. This way of placing fabrics creates a dream world for children in their rooms, while in business a certain minimalist air is achieved.

3- Textured frames

If what we want is a different way of using the fabrics, doing it in racks is a very effective system to decorate the ceiling, especially if it is the room of the smallest. It consists of igniting in classic sewing frames, scraps of different colored fabrics or patterns, creating a set with them that will be fixed to the ceiling with a sewing thread or similar, creating a floating image.

4- Abundant

A more pompous and glamorous style that can be adapted to both children's and adult's rooms. Depending on the chosen color, a more childlike or more intimate air will be achieved. To achieve this effect it is necessary to fix, from the central point of the room or just above the bed, different fabrics that radiate towards the perimeter of the ceiling leaving a slight fall. The effect achieved is a fall of soft fabrics with volume.

Which of all would you apply?

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